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Just a few years ago I  came into the realization that my existence here on earth is not by chance. Not that I ever thought it was, but what was once a vague notion in my mind had suddenly become apparent and definite. I had come to a certain level of sobriety where I recognized that my existence was not a random call and that my life serves a very unique and distinct purpose.

My sudden sense of consciousness could be described as a Oprah Winfrey “AHA!” moment, literally. Although the enlightenment appeared suddenly, I came to realize that it took many years to get to this place of divine comprehension. It was the many experiences that brought me to this place. My journey carried me to this moment in time…


From time to time I encounter many individuals who are searching in bewilderment of their purpose and most times it is all too painful to witness. Don’t get me wrong, to be in pursuit of purpose is a good thing when it is approached with the right mindset. If you can consider any invention that was ever made, whether it be the airplane, automobile or even the telephone, would you agree that each invention serves its own unique purpose? Would you also agree that each invention cannot function or operate on its own? Airplanes and automobiles have the capability to operate in auto-pilot and cruise control however it still requires someone to flick the switch. Could you imagine the airplane busying itself trying to figure out the reason for its existence?

Often times people look outwardly to find their purpose and meaning in life. If you’re that person, I implore you to stop now! Just as my journey revealed my purpose, your journey will reveal yours too. And I guarantee that your unique experiences will reveal your purpose in its right time.


Our purpose  cannot be not determined by ourselves or the people who gave birth to us, but instead, it was determined by “our” creator. Therefore, we cannot pursue purpose from our own humanistic mindset, we must be divinely led and enlightened about the reason why we exist.

My enlightenment came in a time when I was yearning and simultaneously developing a deeper relationship with my creator and it was through that process that I was enlightened and my path became more clear to me.

If you are in search of your purpose or higher calling, I encourage you to do what I did, build a relationship with your creator. Only your creator can reveal the true reason why you were created.

Your purpose, your reason for being here is eternal. It is beyond you,  you are not here for your own benefit. Your existence on earth is  for the benefit of others. I know that will be a little hard to swallow since we’re all so governed by the principle of individualism. We feel that we don’t need to worry about anyone but ourselves and our own families. We believe that we don’t need anyone else to get through in life, that “I’m” independent, “I” can accomplish this on my own,  “I” don’t need anyone, “I” got this! When we’ve identified with our purpose, then we will begin to see that we are here for each other. images (25)


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