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I lived unconsciously for the first twenty years of my life, having no real vision or plan for myself.  My lack of vision for the future caused me to make some mistakes along the way. Inevitably, the mistakes came with many hurts and pains, the biggest of them came from being in a tumultuous relationship with my children’s father. The relationship brought many undesirable things;  among them were verbal abuse, abandonment and unstable living conditions. When the relationship ended, something unusual and unexpected happened. Without realizing it, the unfavourable events and discomfort caused by my circumstances, brought me much enlightenment. I had suddenly began to experience a newness of spirit and a high level of focus – at this point I knew exactly what I didn’t want from life. And because I was clear on what I did not want, my ability to plan for what I wanted came with ease.

My disposition on life was also altered in a magnificent way. Instead of hating men and hating life, my passion for living  and loving people grew much stronger. Since then, I have been at a path of no return – with an abundant drive to pursue the purpose for which I was created and to teach others how they too can find theirs.

I share my story with you as an example that amazing things can come from the most unfavourable life experiences. In the midst of these dark moments, it is difficult to see the good that can come from such devastating events. However, as I mentioned in my previous blog, our life’s purpose is really beyond us.  Why didn’t I become a bitter woman from my experiences? Why didn’t I hate men but instead developed a deeper love for all people?


Our negative experiences were not intended by God to damage or harm us. Even the darkest moments of our lives are intended to strengthen and refine us, so  we can be developed into the person we were created to be. Often-times, our negative experiences bring us back to what truly matters in life… what truly matters in life is the reason for why life was given to us in the first place. Your relationship with God is what matters first, from that relationship will come guidance, enlightenment and the unveiling of your purpose.

What negative experiences have you faced? Have they made you bitter or better? If they have made you bitter then you still need to be healed from all the hurts and pains. Once you’ve been healed, then your experiences will become the driving force for which you will begin to desire change in this world. There are many other people who will face similar challenges that you have faced – you are here for them. To provide a solution to that unique problem. To bring hope, comfort and healing to others so that they too can live purposeful lives.

What other gifts/talents and skills have been realized on your journey?  These gifts are unique to you and have been revealed in you as a result of your unique experiences. Your mission in life should not be to become like someone else. Instead, it is to become the best at what you created to do. So, identify those gifts and cultivate them. Seek out opportunities and people that can help nurture those gifts.


Adversely, what if you’re the person who inflicted pain on others, is there hope for you too? Absolutely there is! Just as I lived unconsciously in the first twenty years of my life, many other men and women live unconsciously also. As we now know, this happens when there is no vision for our lives and we have not identified with our creator and the purpose for which we were created. So life on earth can become a blur for many, causing us  behave in unbecoming ways.

There are many factors that cause people to hurt others but it ultimately boils down to one thing, healing, or lack thereof. “Hurt people hurt people.” Emotionally damaged people who have not yet been healed from their pain tend to inflict pain on others. This is more common than you think, that’s why I highly encourage you to seek counselling to help you heal,  no matter what end of the stick you end up with.

The bottom line is that purpose lies within all of us. Whether we’re the giver or the receiver of pain, purpose can be revealed from those experiences. We can create solutions to those problems that we experience and the ones we help to create. Who better to create a solution to a problem that exists than the person who experienced it first hand.

Have a purposeful day,


Moy Fung, founder & executive director, You Inspire Me Women Enterprise

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“Talents come in many different shapes and forms and when we join with others and combine these talents in the service of others significant positives usually result.It is very important that we should all seek and discover the gifts that we have been given and develop and utilize them to ensure a better world for all who have been afforded the pleasure to reside in it and amongst us.”

~ Simone Myrie

Born in the parish of Westmoreland  Simone is a citizen of Jamaica. She completed aspects of her education and gained  work experience there before living in London, England and migrating to the United States of America where she now reside as a citizen of that country . Her life’s involvement and passion has been centered around entrepreneurship and Philanthropy as she has engaged in authoring several publications and undertaken numerous charitable undertakings in Jamaica, United States and Nigeria in Africa. Simone is presently pursuing social and implementation work related to the Empowerment and Transformation of Jamaica with a vision to impact and change the present moral and value systems of the masses in her home country as she is firmly of the view that Jamaica will not see real growth and prosperity with a divided and indiscipline society.

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