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With no one to turn to who could understand my pain, I was compelled to put my feelings down on paper. Writing became extremely therapeutic for me, and I developed a great love for it.

I began to experience release from my pain as I penned my emotions. Simultaneously, I drew strength from the written work of Marianne Williamson and Iyanla Vanzant. The more I realized the power of words, the more I desired to empower others through my own writing.

October 19, 2009 marked the official launch of Moy’s Card in a Frame INC., a collection of inspirational messages and literary art pieces that offer healing to the broken-hearted.

That same year, I wrote my signature piece entitled You Inspire Me. I remember the evening I finished writing it; I called up a childhood friend, and after reciting the message to her several times, I remember saying in excitement, “This message is not just for me, it’s also for other women like me!” You Inspire Me was in fact inspired by the way I viewed myself and is a depiction of other women with whom I shared similar struggles.

As I journeyed through life, I began to realize that the love that I had for writing was really a love that I had for people. I desperately desired to contribute to the well-being of people’s lives. With first-hand experience as a single-mother and entrepreneur, I was conscious of the personal and societal limitations that we face as women.

It was in recognizing the deep desire that we have to achieve success that I founded You Inspire Me Women.


If you've been playing with the thought of starting your own business, my advice to you is build it and they will come and if you're ever in doubt, follow your passion and let it lead you.

– Moy Fung


With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience and with three socially conscious businesses under her belt, Moy offers invaluable insight to those who have chosen the path of entrepreneurship.

Moy is a certified business coach who gives special attention to each unique situation in order to help clients overcome their limitations, realize their full potential and live a meaningful life of passion and purpose. Goals and aspirations become easily attainable as Moy skillfully assists her clients in identifying and overcoming underlying setbacks that hinder growth and success.

Moy is also a mentor with Futurpreneur Canada providing advice, support, and encouragement to young entrepreneurs in Canada and business owners overseas.

If you have resolved to go after your dreams, let Moy help you get there with personalized one-on-one plans and accountability plans to help you achieve your personal and/or business goals.


Moy possesses charisma and poise and has a natural ability to capture an audience. She finds pleasure in speaking and writing on subjects that matter to her the most and is passionate about educating women and entrepreneurs who desire to live above the ordinary.

Although she has faced many struggles as a young unmarried mother and marginalized woman, she refuses to focus on things that she views as simply the consequences of bad choices.

Her story, which she believes to be the ‘real sad story’, is one that speaks about the cost of living average. Moy is adamant that we were all created to be and do extraordinary things, and living below that standard becomes the real sad story.

In a society that is constant in its attempt to subdue people into complacency and averageness, Moy is devoted to showing individuals how they can overcome the notion of being ordinary and create the mindset that makes living an extraordinary life a reality.

Latoya Cater

Moy Fung of You Inspire Me Women has not only been a major help practically, with regards to my business, assisting with important forms, documents and social media but she has also been a driving force behind me spiritually and inspirationally. She constantly motivates me to rise above the ordinary and inspires me to keep pushing forward despite where I am coming from and what I face today.
Latoya Cater- Event Décor Start Up